About me

Hello! My name is Renan Miguelote Vianna-(Portuguese/Name)(Brazil/Nationality). I started developing games back in 2015.

My one and main goal is to bring enjoyment and happines to those whom

play my games. My biggest goal is to become one of the greatest developer ever and for that I will work harder and harder. I began developing using RPGmaker MV. Wich from this engine I learnt the necessary skills to use Construct 2 wich I now  own a Liscence. And plan to make great games with it. My favorite Genre/Sub-Genre of Games is RPG, Strategy, Cliquers, Idlers. I know most people don`t like Idlers and clickers and see them as bad games. I think differently I have played great games such as Clicker Heroes, Territory Idle, Firestone Idle and many many other great Idle big games. Some people like story RPGS others ikes Cool Graphics and I myself like numbers. Honestly for me numbers is what really matters 

Its behind numbers that all the magic happens. If you wanna plan ahead

your strategy you will need numbers.

One day I will make a big game that is going to include everything you can think off. Making games is fun guys! Lets have fun!

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