Knights and Dungeons


Knight`s Pride


Knights and Dungeons

Kadragon Games/ Knights and Dungeons is a game with 330 dungeon levels. There are only 30 enemies tough, once you beat the first 30 enemies
they will start repeating over and over again. there are 10 tiers of equipments in the game knowing the last equip upgrades itself if you buy it again.
Knights and Dungeons is a small clicker RPG that doesn`t focus on story. So basically saying game is not rich storywise.
The fun in this game is to try to reach the highest level in the dungeon. and for that you will use your levels equips and talents learnt at the gym.

There is also still room for improvement in this game and I intend into improving it in case I see the players are enjoying the game.

Knight`s Pride

Knight`s Pride is a sort of an incremental RPG game...

This game isn`t rich storywise! It plays almost as much as Knights and Dungeons another game of mines....
This is also not an Idle game and battles aren`t automated. This game is about actively doing repeatable tasks
to unlock new content such as new gear and new enemies. This game was inspired by

Incremental and RPG games.

Greed Knights

Greed Knights is a game where your main focus is to grind for weapons and talent points so you can advance in the dungeons.
this game works like most of my previous games. It contains automatic battles and your main focus is to train your champion and see him grow.
Unlike Knights and Dungeons, I believe this game is endless.

Gladiators IDLE

Gladiators IDLE is an IDLE game where you will train your gladiators and upgrade your gladiators equipment. The stronger you get in this game will allow you to move further in the Arena!

Mission IDLE

Mission IDLE is an IDLE game where your main focus is to grind for levels gold and other riches that will allow you to move futher in the zone stages.Mission IDLE is played by being afk. Most of the mechanics in the game are automated.

Horus IDLE

Horus IDLE is an IDLE rpg where you see similar scenarios but with a differnt approach. Horus IDLE has only one mission type and one Enemy Type. Horus IDLE was an attempt to pick what I liked from certain games. I also tried to shorten the game a little bit.

Empire IDLE

In this game you will be harvesting resources, upgrading your buildings, waging war, and prestiging, Most mechanics in-game are automated. You won`t need to be active while playing it.

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