Welcome to Gladiators IDLE, This is an IDLE game. IDLE games are games where the player plays it by being afk.
Some examples of IDLE games are Clicker Heroes, Firestone IDLE, and many others.


1: What is an IDLE game?
R:- An IDLE game is a game where most battles and mechanics of the game are automated.

2: What should I expect on Gladiators IDLE?
R:- Gladiators IDLE main strength is its simplicity. Gladiators IDLE isn`t rich in number of features!

3- Is this game DEEP? How many features there are in-game?
R:- Gladiators IDLE isn`t rich in its amount of features. Instead of a big number of features and content
This game is very simple and basic.

4- Why is this game so basic? Where is the selling point?
R:- I decided to make this game basic so people don`t get lost.
I also hate loosing hours on learning how to play a new game.

R:- The game "selling point" is it`s simplicity. In case you are also addicted to IDLE games,
You may like this game as well!

5- Why is this game not free like your other games?
R:- I gotta make money somewhere, If you want to stick to my free games , I wish you good luck on it.

6- Is this game more complex then your other IDLE games?
R:- No! This game is very basic!

7- Why are you making IDLE games?
R:- I am making IDLE games because I believe they are the new trend. IDLE games are very easy to learn,
and they can also keep you hooked for hours. There are so many games on steam I don`t want people to bypass
my game because it is too long or too difficult.

8-Are your paid games better then your free games?
R:- I dont think so. I think tastes varies from person to person.


Gladiators IDLE is an IDLE game where you will train your gladiators and upgrade your gladiators equipment. The stronger you get in this game will allow you to move further in the Arena! You can also join our Discord and be active to our community and share your progress.


  • Cool Arena!
  • Armory!
  • Ludus!
  • Trade Gladiators!
  • Level up!
  • Upgrades!
  • Auto-Battler
  • AFK-Progress!

Gladiators IDLE

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