Knight`s Pride is a sort of an incremental RPG game...

This game isn`t rich storywise! It plays almost as much as Knights and Dungeons another game of mines....
This is also not an Idle game and battles aren`t automated. This game is about actively doing repeatable tasks
to unlock new content such as new gear and new enemies.


Does this game has a nice story like other RPGmaker games?
Answer: No!

Will I be able to recruit new chars in this game?
Answer: No!

Does this game has Idle game mechanics?
Answer: No!

Who is this game indicated for?
This game is indicated for players that enjoy doing repeatable tasks to unlock new progress...

What does this game plays like?
This game plays like a real job.... A JOB?? Yeah.. but unlike in a real job in this game you are always getting promoted.

What is this about?

This game is about doing repeatble tasks and unlocking new progress wich means unlike most RPG`s this game does`nt focus on Story.

Please keep in mind that there is a taste for everything in this world.

And this game is indicated to people whom like to kinda "Work"...
There are people whom love platformers, people whom love story games, people whom love incrementals, people whom love racing....
and the list is hughe....

This game is very niche and the reason I made this game is because I have a niche audience and I am making games for them.

This is a small cozy game... I wanted everyone to be able to play this game without having too much trouble learning it.


  • Item shop
  • Weapon Shop
  • Armor Shop
  • Inn
  • Tower of Evil
  • Turn Based Battes
  • Cool little intro
  • Cozy small game
  • Very simple and super easy to learn!
  • Unique enemies

Knight`s Pride

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